Our WaterforLife AcrossTheBible Tea - O nosso Chá para encontro de escolas portuguesas envolvidas

On the 5th October we had a holiday in Portugal. In spite of many of us having a long weekend, some ATB Teachers and Cooperators met for a cosy Friendship Tea to celebrate the beginning of the eight year of AcrossTheBible work in Portugal and the two years of work on the topic WATER. Besides the ATB cake and other tasty food, we had songs of praise in English and Nigerian by a dear Nigerian couple and the delivery of ATB Certificates of Cooperation in the project. It was a way to say thank you to the ones present and also to the ones that are now viewing these photos but were unable to come. It was the moment to enjoy each one's company and share personal thoughts in an informal background full of references to water: the grass, the flowers, the trees around, the clothes hanging line, the tea...
Thank you so much to all that have been cooperating so far and have done this project RELEVANT both in Portugal and in our partner European schools. Your contributions were most welcome and appreciated. But let us thank above all the One that gives us life and ability to proceed with love in our work for our students and communities.