The project was awarded the etwinning National Quality Label in Romania and in Portugal and so consequently it has now the european quality Label.
Thank you for the cooperation of all Schools, Teachers and Students involved throughout these past three years.
We leave you with a page of our German Partner site:
You can even work out some of these ePuzzles presenting meanings of Water in the Bible and across generations.

Why a WaterForLife Decade
Did you know?/ Sabia?
1 Gallon (approx 5 litres) of oil can cause an eight-acre oil slick if spilled or dumped down a storm sewer!

Helping people to develop safe and sustainable sources for their communities.
You can make a difference. Why not get involved.... here too...
Why not turn off or fix dripping taps for a start?


Living Water and Clean Water to drink in Africa - help given to those that need it most

Imagine that your only available water is a bucket of murky liquid, thick with deadly bacteria and parasites. And you're desperately thirsty. Do you drink it?
How do you choose between life and death?
Nearly 1.1 billion people worldwide make that choice every day. But just $11 provides clean water for one child for a whole year! And when you provide clean water to help save physical lives, you're also providing living water to help save people with both spiritual and physical needs in their lives.
Mike Duggins with Campus Crusade for Christ people to Jesus Christ
Watch this short video to see how vital your support is today.