Newsarticles about our project - Notícias sobre o nosso projecto

On of these articles was published in a magazine that is widely distributed in the Portuguese Middle and Secondary schools. The article referred to the project's concern to make youngsters aware of the need to carefully manage water and the creativity to associate it with texts of the Bible to illustrate practical issues.

Uma notícia sobre o projecto pode ser vista na página 13 ( page 13 ) da edição de Maio de 2010 da Forum Estudante( in the May 2010 issue of Forum Estudante)
On the other hand I was given the opportunity to write an article for the APPI- Portuguese Association of Teachers of English. The article was called Rock of Ages and pointed out the the relevance of the Bible values and of water in our daily lives. This article was a sequence to my having been a speaker on the project in the previous national conference.

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