Water, Birds, a Well - Água, Aves, um Poço

Water is central to our lives and has always been necessary for the survival of all living creatures. A água é relevante para a sobrevivência de todos os seres vivos.
In this photo you see a well, a hose pipe, a clay dish where birds help themselves to water, trees in the background and a common Portuguese pavement in the foreground. Nesta foto vê vários elementos reunidos: um poço, uma mangueira, pássaros bebendo água.
Which of the following Bible texts do you think the photo elements best illustrate?
Os elementos presentes nesta foto apontam, na sua opinião, para qual dos seguintes versículos da Bíblia?

» Genesis 1:20/ Génesis 1: 20 ( Creation of living creatures in the waters and of the birds to fly over the earth in the open expanse of the heavens )?

» Genesis 8: 1-3 / Génesis 8: 1-3( God remembered Noah and all the living things and closed the fountains of the deep and the windows of the heaven, had the rain from the sky be checked and made a wind blow over the land, so that the waters of the flood receded)

» Matthew 6:26 Mateus 6:26 -( the birds of the sky do not sow or reap or gather in barns, yet the heavenly Father keeps taking care of them...much more will He care for people who trust Him)

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